Spiritual an Moral Growth


Moi forces community caters for the Spiritual growth of the students through the  societies availed.

The Christian Union (C.U.)

The C.U Patron is Mr. John Kamau


It has a group of officials that run the society.

They have different Spiritual Leaders that are invited every Sunday to preach an equip the girls.

The Young Christian Students (Y.C.S)

These is the Catholic Students Association.They Meet every Sunday for fellowship.

The Patron is 


The Seventh Day Adventists (S.D.A)

These are the Seventh Day Adventists Fellowship.

They meet every Saturday for fellowship.

The Patron is Mr. Jackson Nyakundi


 The Muslim Association

These are the Muslim Members of the School.

They have an Imam from the Barracks that comes to cater for their spiritual Nourishment.

In any event,they are given permission to participate and attend e.g. the Ramadhan Fasting period and Idd-ul-fitr Celebrations at the Afraha Stadium that are held annually.