About Us

Our Specific Objectives which are also in line with the national goals of eductaion are:

  • To develop a firm foundation for education.
  • To develop and harmonize the mental,social,spiritual vitures of the learner.
  • To prepare the learner to make a positive contribution to the development of the society.
  • Encourage positive attitute to National Patriotism,self respect ,self discipline and consideration for others.
  • To Prepare th learner to contribute loyalty to offer services to home society and the nation.
  • The education/knowledge received should be in regard for the formation of the whole person  that all may attain eternal destiny.


Our Facilities

The school has good physical facilities that are adequate for the six streams.

They are:

  • 2 Dormitory Blocks with 8 houses
  • A large Dinning Hall and a Spacious Kitchen
  • 22 classrooms to hold 50-60 students each
  • Home science with a (cookery,model and Sewing rooms) and Music Block
  • Computer Center with 24/7 high speed internet access
  • 4 block adequate Labs for Sciences
  • Olympic Size Swimming pool and a changing room.
  • Basket Ball,Football,Netball,Handball Pitches
  • 61-seater Bus (Princess)


The school’s academic Performance has been steadily rising and attaining a mean score of above 9.0, with the highest mean recorded by the 2013 class of 9.6.

This has seen at least above 200 students get a mean grade of a B plain and above,hence qualify for the regular degree program in our local universities.

The inter-classes competitions.

Classes and streams are encouraged to compete amongst themselves,with the best classes being awarded with presents.

This has seen a great improvement in the internal exams held in the school.

This Motivational scheme has also seen teachers awarded for their hard work.

The form fours are also awarded,with those getting a amen grade of A receiving Kshs.1,000/= each and those getting A- getting Kshs.5,000/= each.


Co-curricular Activities

The school has been actively participating in activities such as games,drama,music,symposiums.

In drama the school has won Several times at National Level in Choral verse presentation and come back with several trophies.